Smartapps is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner with headquarters in Melbourne Australia. With a team of consultants, architects and developers we implement and deliver Salesforce projects for enterprise clients and the public sector. We provide both managed services and implementation services for our customers and work closely with key stakeholders to ensure that our services add value. Our track record of delivering projects on time and on budget has made our services highly sought after by the public sector. We are passionate about doing good work that actually delivers what our clients need.


After many years developing systems for public sector clients we released that the core elements of program management and service delivery were almost always common regardless of the client. Rather than continuing to reinvent the wheel for each of our clients we were ready to distil our knowledge of application management, program management and grant management into a solution that could be used by all agencies.


Bringing together our talented developers, architects and consultants we spent 3 years building, refining and reworking Program360 into a class leading program management toolkit. Our systems are now used to process thousands of complex application forms and billions of dollars in funding approvals and claims. For more information or a detailed demonstration please contact our team

Meet the Program360 Team


Sneh oversees the development and architecture behind Program360. Life outside of Smartapps consists of family with a great wife and two energetic kids. He happens to be an artist as well.


Keegan leads the product development team for Program360 and is responsible for making the platform and team agile, efficient, scalable, and always improving.


Stephen is jack of all trades and has recently spent time working on our customised payment gateway. Outside work Stephen is an overwatch contestant.


Daniel works closely with the product development team to translate new ideas into stories that our development team can bring to life. Outside work Daniel is a husband, father and basketball coach.


Palak is a senior developer who spends her time bringing the Smart Maps module to life. In her personal time Palak loves dancing, travel and cooking in that order.


Eason has been a driving force on our Program360 solution having worked on projects for payment gateway, chatter files, social login and UI design.


Marie leads our implementation team for Program360 initiative. She is continuously innovating new ways to maximise user adoption via online collaborative training tools. When not at work she likes to travel and renovate houses.


Lena is our resident UI/UX specialist who has lead our conversion to the Salesforce Lightning Experience. Lena has a folding bike.


When Shaun isn't playing cricket he is working on the Program360 Smart Address module and our Lightning Experience conversion.





 Sneh MalpaniSolution Architect







 Keegan McCormackTechnical Lead







 Stephen LiuDeveloper







 Marie O'ConnorSenior Consultant







 Lena RazovDeveloper







 Shaun Santhuka De SilvaDeveloper







 Daniel BlythSenior Consultant







 Palak ShaHDeveloper







 Eason YaoDeveloper