Program360 FAQs


What is the pricing for Program360?

Currently, we do not charge for Program360 modules. We do charge for implementing Program360 which normally includes a reasonable amount of system configuration to meet the specific business processes of our clients.



So what do I pay to access Program360?

In order to access Program360 there are two costs. The initial implementation costs which is paid to Smartapps and the ongoing Salesforce license costs which is paid to Salesforce.



Can I find Program360 on the Salesforce AppExchange?

From experience we have found that most of our public sector clients require some level of specific configuration to meet their business processes and so we have found that it is problematic to provide Program360 as a product or managed package. We refer to Program360 as a solution rather than a Product.



How do I access Program360?

Accessing Program360 is easy. Once you have purchased Salesforce licenses we deploy Program360 to your Salesforce instance. We then work to configure this to match the specific requirements of your organisation.



How is Program360 updated?

Your Salesforce instance will be updated with 3 Salesforce updates each year. This includes hundreds of new platform features which enhance the underlying Salesforce capabilities and the user experience. Program360 modules are updated in connection with specific client requests.



What is the relationship between Program360 and Salesforce?

Program360 modules consist of specific code, custom pages, validation rules, workflow, org settings and a data schema that works together to provide the Program360 toolkit. All of this configuration is built natively on the Salesforce platform. Which means that the solution is completely secure, scalable and inherits all of the underlying Salesforce platform features.



How do you support Program360?

We support our Program360 clients with flexible support models that include a range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support options. We can work under pre-agreed KPI’s or via more adhoc arrangements according to the needs of our clients. We support organisations with just 10 users right up to 1000 internal users and provide both Program360 support and general Salesforce consulting and architecture.