Online Form Processing

A fully custom branded self-service form portal

At the heart of Program360 is a fully custom branded self-service form portal that allows organisation administrators to develop a range of online forms which can be completed by external stakeholders. Core use cases include application forms, evaluation forms, registration form and surveys. External applicants can log into the portal at any time to check on the progress of their application and other system records including assessments, milestones, claims and evaluations.

Core Capabilities

Create Forms with Ease

Program360 comes with a powerful point and click form builder with capabilities including the ability to set an extensive number of field types; the ability to create and order form questions into sections and pages; dynamic questions and

conditional show/hide logic; the ability to define eligibility criteria at question level. Internal business users can create forms without
technical assistance.

Power up your View of Stakeholders by Linking Online Forms Directly to your CRM

Program360 forms are built natively on the Salesforce CRM platform providing seamless integration with your entire CRM database including Account, Contact, Application, Assessment records. This allows your organisation to gain a clear

picture of what stakeholders are applying for and to quickly route applications into business process workflows as they are received.

Custom Branding

The form portal is branded with your own styling so that there is seamless integration between your organisation’s website and the online forms.

My Portal Access

Access to the form portal is managed via the highly secure Salesforce authentication and security engine. Applicants are required to register and log in to the form portal during the form creation process. This enables them to save forms in draft and return to complete later. Applicants also have a MyPortal view of all current and past form submissions. Optional features also include the ability to allow forms to be completed without authentication which is useful for surveys and short anonymous data collection forms.

Detailed Features

  • Public forms and forms by invitation

  • Integrate form with custom application stages such as expressions of interest or more detailed second stage applications

  • Customised branding

  • Multi page forms

  • Multi page logic

  • Form section and page setup

  • Multiple field types

  • Character and word count management

  • Optional placeholder text

  • Field help on form questions

  • Assessable fields with weightings & ratings

  • Online assessment

  • Field validation rules

  • Dynamic field dependencies

  • Predefined form open, close, date & times

  • Mobility - responsive forms

  • Password resets are managed automatically

  • Pre-populate form details on the form
    for returning applicants

  • Define eligibility criteria on forms

  • Calculations and currency summaries fields

  • Hidden fields

  • Mandatory/non-mandatory questions

  • Custom form page navigation

  • Upload attachments

  • Save draft forms

  • Applicants view or print applications

  • Preview form from end to end

  • Form acceptance and data matching

  • Return forms for revision if
    information is missing

  • Generate PDF of form response for
    both external and internal users

  • Customised email notifications to
    external and internal users based
    on form submission and other triggers

  • Embed images and videos

Application and Assessment Processing

Supercharge your form assessment processes by combining with our Application and Assessment workflow engine. In connection with the online form portal, Program360 contains key workflow and field mappings so that application information can be automatically organised into internal application records ready for staff to begin assessment processes. This module includes predefined assessment records and workflows that ensure each application has an audit trail to key decisions. This module also includes options for; bulk processing of high volume applications; multiple assessment rounds including routing assessment records to external panels and groups.

Core Features Include

Custom Application Stage Management

Customised Application Approval Workflow

Customised Assessment Tasks and Assignment

Form Scoring Assessment

Risk Assessment processing

External Panel Assessment

Application Approval Tracking



Bulk Approval/Assessment

Assessment Summary Document Generation

The latest figures

Unique forms

Applications submitted

Assessment records

$ Applied for