Grant360 is a full life-cycle grant management solution built 100% natively on the world’s #1 CRM platform - Salesforce. It is a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution built by Smartapps to address the challenges governments face across all phases of the grants management life-cycle. Whether you have a high number of small grants or a low number of high value grants, Grant360 provides the core functionality needed to manage your grant programs.


A Full Life-Cycle Grant Management Solution

The Challenge

When it comes to effectively and efficiently managing grants, governments can face a complex and disjointed set of processes. From our experience problems include:


Trying to manage disparate systems and data sources


Inability to see a single view of grant recipients


Inability to track and manage grant stakeholders


Inconsistent grant and outcome reporting


Poor contract management


Lack of financial controls


No integration with financial systems

A Comprehensive Solution

Stakeholder Centric

Grant360 is built on the world’s #1 CRM platform – Salesforce providing your organisation with a 360 degree view of applicants, recipients and other grant stakeholders.

Financial Controls

Grant360 is designed to provide strong financial controls which are configurable depending on the needs of your organisation. Designed so that all data is retained and is auditable.

Highly Configurable

Grant360 is easily tailored to the unique dynamics of any agency’s grants management methodology. Many changes to the application can be made without technical knowledge.

Business and Process Driven

Grant360 is built on a robust automated work-flow, notification, and approval engine that reduces manual data entry, increases compliance, and improves accountability.

Data and Reporting Centric

Grant360 offers agencies a powerful business intelligence and reporting capability that enhances grant tracking and ultimately, overall program performance.

Cost Effective

Grant360 is built on the world’s #1 enterprise platform cloud platform–Salesforce, and offered on a subscription basis. That means no hardware costs and no platform upgrade costs.

Grant360 is a full lifecycle
grant management system

Key Grant Management Features


Program & budget management


Application & assessment processing


Manage grant agreements


Milestone & claim management


Manage formal & informal variations






Payment processing & reconciliation

Activity management

Online grants portal

Integration to corporate systems

CRM - Customer relationship management

Online grants portal

Integrated to corporate systems

• Fully custom branded

• Authenticated access

• Pre-populate user data based on authentication

• Define eligibility criteria

• Point and click form builder for simple and complex forms

• Can be used for forms, surveys, progress reports

• Ability to add attachments to form

• Save and return to form

• Back end workflow to accept forms and update internal records

• Forms can be created and submitted from any device

• No download, no setup, no technical skills required

  • Grant360 integrates with back-end financial systems to provide automated 2-way data flows. This includes payment processing reconciliation and vendor matching management.
  • Real time integration with business registry systems
    (e.g. ABN validation, NZBN validation)
  • Integration with document management system.
  • Address validation.

Other Standard Features

Standard Features

• Bulk processing for high volume grant transactions

• Reports & dashboards

• Workflows & approval automation

• Highly customisable security settings via roles, profiles, sharing settings & permission sets

• Disaster recovery & backup solutions

• Comprehensive self-help & training modules

• Document generation (available in bulk)

• Data duplicate management

• Mobility (with limited offline capabilities)

• Social collaboration (via chatter)

Optional Features

• Non-grant processing (to manage facilitation programs)

• Evaluation / survey

• Marketing automation (mass email, SMS, etc)

• Event management

• Case management

• Knowledge base

• Additional partner community portals for external users

• Integration with other corporate systems

• Smart Maps geomapping tool

• Payment gateway

The latest figures

Applications submitted

Assessment records

$ Applied for


Total $ contracted

Amount paid