Addressing the challenges government face across all phases of application, assessment, registration and grant management

Program360 is a full life-cycle application, assessment, registration and contract management solution built 100% natively on the world’s #1 CRM platform ( In addition to the native Salesforce functionality the system is also completely scalable, does not have outages and can easily handle peak amounts of web traffic. Welcome to the future of Program Management.

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Program360 Overview

Program360 is built on the Salesforce CRM platform which means that in addition to the core functionality the system also inherits all the native Salesforce functionality including: activity management, security and authentication, social, mobility, collaboration tools, content management, service management, external community portals, global search, integration end points, data management tools and much more. This means the system is future proof and can easily be configured for the future requirements.

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Key Advantages - CRM for the Public Sector

Stakeholder Centric

Program360 is built on the CRM platform which means instead of just processing transactions your organisation can achieve a 360 degree view of your stakeholders.

Business Process Driven

Built on a robust workflow, notification, and approval engine Program360 reduces manual data entry, increases compliance and improves accountability.

Reports and Dashboards

Program360 offers agencies a powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities that increases visibility and enhances program tracking.

User Experience

Built on the cloud platform and cloud platform allowing internal and external users an intuitive experience. This also means that the user interface will continue to evolve.


Core Modules

Online Form Processing

At the heart of Program360 is a fully custom branded self-service form portal that allows organisation administrators to develop a range of online forms which can be completed by external stakeholders. Core use cases include application forms, evaluation forms, registration form and surveys. External applicants can log into the portal at anytime to check on the progress of their application and other system records including milestones and claims.

Application Processing

In connection with the online form portal Program360 contains key workflow and field mappings so that application information can be automatically organised into internal application records ready for organisation staff to begin assessment processes. This module also includes options for; bulk processing of high volume applications; multiple assessment rounds including routing assessment records to external panels and groups.

Grant Management

Program360 provides a full grant management solution based on our experience implementing best practice grant management systems across government. This solution includes the Form Portal and Application Processing modules as well as a number additional modules including Program and Funding Round Management, Contract Management, Milestone Management, Claim Management and Payment Processing. Integrated workflow between these modules ensures that grants are managed efficiently and consistently and can be used by any program.

The Salesforce Advantage

Salesforce recognises the need for enterprises to focus on technology and the importance of applications to drive digital transformation. The Salesforce platform was built to deliver the services and components that are needed by organisations from a small business right through to large enterprise organisations. Salesforce provides a scalable, trusted platform that serves

over 150K customers and processes over 4BN transactions per business day. The platform serves customers across all time zones with high performance resiliency and provides cutting-edge Virtual Private Cloud capabilities to build hybrid apps with network control. Specialised runtimes serve styles of computing: Heroku for scalable tasks; for business-data focused

tasks; and Thunder for processing event-driven streams of data. Complete abstraction and automation of infrastructure lets developers focus on building apps instead of remaining mired in otherwise manual tasks like database management, workload configuration, security patches, and operating system upgrades.

Other Features

No matter what service or programs your organisation delivers Program360 and Salesforce provides a full suite of functionality that can be used to manage your stakeholder interactions. Some of the core capabilities include:

Case Management

Using the native Salesforce service management features you can manage your external enquiries, complaints and service requests in the same system as your other program interactions.

Participant Management

For employment and job programs participant management allows your providers and program teams to record and manage participant activities and claims within the same system.

Outcome Management

Record program outcomes directly against the grants, projects and stakeholder activities that are already in your system. No more separate spreadsheets pulled together at the last minute.

Evaluations and Surveys

Measure the success of the program by surveying and evaluating projects. This feature allows users to submit online evaluations specifically to projects, grants and milestones.

Smart Maps

This is our simple and native plugin that allows an organisation to plot, track and filter their stakeholder interactions visually. Using heat maps you can review how your funding, program or services are being used geographically.

Payment Gateway

For applications, events and registrations processes that require online payments, our Smart Payments solution fits seamlessly into online forms. These payments are then transferred directly into your organisation's account.


Native marketing automation solution providing flexibility for you to run campaigns from Salesforce. An interface providing campaigns, tracking and scoring of activity from web/email/SMS/print, and personalised email and SMS.

Event Management

A completely native event management solution for Salesforce providing end-to-end support for events including invitations, registration, ticketing, payment, calendaring, capacity management and more.

“Program360 has been a brilliant tool that has replaced many manual tasks. The service provided by Smartapps is second to none.”


Carly Burne I Business Systems Manager - Department of Premier and Cabinet (VIC)

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