Case Management

Using the native Salesforce service management features you can manage your external inquiries, complaints and service requests in the same system as your other program interactions. Route inquiries and complaints to the business units and monitor these using native reports and dashboards.

Participant Management

For employment and job programs participant management allows your providers and program teams to record and manage participant activities and claims within the same system. Connect participant activities to your organisations claim approval process. Avoid the need for reconciling participant activities across many sources.

Outcome Management

Record program outcomes directly against the grants, projects and stakeholder activities that are already in your system. No more separate spreadsheets pulled together at the last minute. Program 360 applies specific QA and approval process and provides a single source of truth for outcomes reporting

Evaluations and Surveys

Measure the difference your program, support or funding makes by surveying and evaluating your projects. This feature allows external users to fill our surveys and evaluations linked specifically to their projects and grants and applications. Evaluation Data can then be accessed via reports or linked to outcome approvals.


SmartMaps is our simple plugin that allows an organisation to plot, track and filter their stakeholder interactions visually. Using heat maps and other visualisations you can review how your funding, program or services are being used across geographic regions

Payment Gateway

For applications, events and registrations processes that require online payments our smart-payments solution fits seamlessly into online  forms. These payments are then transferred directly into your organisation's account.

Marketing Cloud

Native marketing automation solution providing maximum flexibility for you to run your campaigns from Salesforce. An easy to use interface providing drip & nurture campaigns, tracking and scoring of activity from web/email/SMS/print, and personalized email and SMS communications based on recipient profiles — without you or your data ever having to leave Salesforce.

Event Management

A completely native event management solution for Salesforce providing end-to-end support for events — invitations, registration, ticketing, payment, calendaring, capacity management and more. Suitable for a wide range of event types: single or multiple events, free or paid